Monday, 8 December 2014

Lies "n" the lying liars who tell 'em.

This Is further to my piece earlier today which discussed the utter credulity of people viewing a post the facebook page "Ghosts n All Things Paranormal". Well guess what they are at it again tonight, blatantly and demonstrably LYING to their followers:

Now if you can't read that, admin Christine states:

"This photo was taken following a real werewolf attack earlier this year. I can vouch for its authenticity as its from my college. This case is still under investigation. Courtesy of the American Institute of Metaphysics. Christine" 

This is blatantly and demonstrably untrue. While many users have highlighted the likely hood of the authorities releasing such a photo and other such gaps in plausibility, which is all very good and exactly the type of critical thinking I called for earlier, proving its fake is actually much simpler than that. Let's not bother with the heavy lifting of researching police policy and behaviour. Why crack a nut with a hydrogen bomb?

A simple Google search reveals this rather gory image's true origin: it's a screenshot from a 2010 horror film called The Dead Matter, and comes courtesy of horror make-up master Tom Savini. You can see the image in context here.

Why would the admin of this page perpetrate such an obvious and easily exposed fraud? Well either they enjoy playing the expert with hidden arcane knowledge of the paranormal that they feel their followers will admire them for, something in the paranormal community that I've hit upon before. Or they are trolling... they get a kick out of making believers look foolish and credulous. I suspect the former. 

The page frequently mentions "American Institute of Metaphysics archives" , who I assume is The Institute of Metaphysics an organisation offering "Doctorates" in demonology and "conspiratorial studies"(!) and the like. 

Knowledge of this organisation and the belief that inclusion of its name will bring credibility to a fabricated story, implies that the author of this post is as at least as gullible as he/she wishes their audience to be.

Look if you are a believer let me offer you a piece of advice with respect: This type of rubbish, these blatant and ridiculous fabrications seriously damage your reputation and your credibility, especially if you are trying to conduct earnest research in these areas. This particular page has over 58,000 likes! 

People you have to vote with your feet, if a page is caught trying to deceive you, make as many people aware of it as you can, call these people out.... otherwise you make my job way to easy. 

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