Friday, 18 March 2016

The Prime Minister, the paper and the faker: The Mirror fails again.

Guess who is back in the British tabloids? It's "ghost hunter" and bus driver Craig Cooper. He was previously featured in my column, "Don't get your Hampton's Court part 2" back in December 2015, alongside fellow ghost hunter/bus driver/faker Trevor Tye. But Cooper isn't the only bad penny returning in this Mirror story from 17/03/16. He's also recirculating this, frankly woeful faked ghost image, which first appeared on Haunted Earth's Ghost World back in May 2015:

Apparently Cooper is now claiming this to be an image of Winston Churchill taken in the London Underground, who apparently, and perhaps unsurprisingly seems to have lost some weight since his death in 1965. The Mirror, of course, treat this claim with typical credulity.

Quite rightly and commendably, the Metro, a free tabloid paper aren't as convinced, labelling the picture as the worst ghost ever. But before heaping too much praise on them:

A) They've published worse and B)  they didn't bother to actually find out the origin of the image.

Thankfully in December I did. I took it to Anna Hill who quickly identified it as being from the image manipulation suite 27 Ghost Brushes. Here's the image Anna found laid next to Cooper's original.

I have to say, Cooper, you've got some brass to take money for such blatant fakery, and to the staff of the Mirror.... Keep disgracing your paper's name and the profession of journalism in general, you really are the drizzling shits. 

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