Tuesday, 6 February 2018

A Quick Look At Another of David Rountree's Academic Claims.

When this title says quick, it's no exaggeration.

By this point, David Rountree has been so fundamentally debunked that there's very little else to say about the man. His reputation is in tatters, his claims of academic success have been shredded so many times they should be served in pancakes with Hoisin sauce.

But this turkey keeps on cluckin'.

A friend led me to recent conversation Rountree had with his followers, and amidst the anger, denial and threats of retribution, I found the final nugget that David seems to be offering as evidence of his academic success. Rountree is repeatedly reposting links to his 'Academia.edu' website. That's where Rountree initially uploaded his laughable "Wormhole theory of the Paranormal" paper.

Now, to Rountree's dwindling band of followers, who bizarrely continue to massage his ego, the fact Rountree has an 'academic profile' may seem impressive. It may even imply he has some form of credibility.

To disprove that, here's my Academia.Edu profile. I don't have any academic qualifications, having not yet finished my degree. That wasn't a problem in setting up the site. Nor was the fact that I didn't even use my real name!

They even send me e-mails to tell me I've been cited despite having never published there!

The only reason my profile isn't visible to the public is I won't pay the money that Academia.Edu require for me to finalise the account!

There is legitimately nothing to stop you setting an Academia.Edu account up for your hamster. Meaningless to anyone who hasn't taken a big old swig of Rountree's Kool-Aid.

If you want more meat on Rountree you could read this which collects the hard work of a group of folks who were determined not to let him get away with this kind of bullshit.


I said "Plugs. Plugs. Plugs." Dammit!

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Gravitational Waves: A new way to ‘see’ the universe

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