Thursday, 24 April 2014

FOUL! Bolivian Stadium Ghost Red-carded.

                          IMPORTANT UPDATE AT BOTTOM OF THE POST!

Has anyone seen the supposed Bolivian football stadium ghost yet? During a match on 17th April 2014 at Hernando Siles Stadium in La Paz, Bolivia, a shadowy figure appeared to sprint at high speed through supporter seating, unimpeded by physical obstacles.  Here it is and below that is my best guess as to what the rational cause may be. 

First I though it may be a person running amongst the bleachers which separate one block of seats from another. I rejected this because the figure seems to be moving too fast, and crucially the movement seems too smooth to be an actual person.

This leads me to my best hypothesis, stadiums have cameras suspended on cables above them, which can run the length of the stadium.
(such as this: this:

I think what we are seeing here is simply the shadow of one of these cameras, this would explain the smoothness of motion, the apparent and the lack of physical interaction with seeming obstacles.

"But what about the distinct moving legs!" I hear you cry. I think that is simply an illusion caused by the shadow distorting as it passes over objects and dips between the stadium seats.

To me this case suggests the desperate need for GHOUL line technology.... Get it "ghoul" instead of "goal"! See... it's funny... sorry... 



This isn't the shadow of an overhead camera, it actually is a person! Check out this video at around 0:48 and 1:05 to see him running down the stadium steps! Apologies guys. Just goes to show we all make mistakes, and we have to adjust our positions based upon new information.

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