Sunday, 16 July 2017

A Proponent Of Hyperianism Demonstrates Perfectly Why Hyperianism Doesn't Work.

Here's a quick update to the Morgue post I featured on the blog a few days ago. Since then I have posted an objection to Hyperianism on Morgue's Facebook page. I wouldn't normally post social media interactions to the blog, but this exchange perfectly exemplifies why Hyperianism doesn't work.

A quick recap of relevant information. Morgue tells us in his video "Science, the new irrational religion" that Hyperianism trumps science as an epistemology because it does not rely on sense data, empiricism (testing by experiment) and induction. In this interaction, you'll see how a Hyperianist reacts to a challenge to their pure logic based approach to reality.

Firstly I put to Morgue my objection to Hyperianism based upon the flaw in pure logic that it leaves us with no way to assess the premises of a logical conundrum using the example used in my previous post regarding Morgue.

At this point a follower of Hyperianism, Iilania Novic takes up the cudgel for Morgue.

When Novic talks about assigning values of T or F, 1 or 0 to the premises I offer it's vital to note these are truth values. As Morgue does, Novic is using mathematics to avoid answering a legitimate question. How do we assign a "truth value" without ascertaining something is true? We could regress to further logical conundrums, but all we are doing is introducing further premises which remain unverified until examining them empirically. This applies to Venn diagrams and truth tables, whilst these are useful data displaying conventions, they are ultimately useless until an empirical method is used to fill them!

My last statement there is a trap for Novic and she walks straight into it.

In order to prove that sensory data isn't necessary to assess the premise "Carl has blond hair" Novic, a supporter of an epistemology that rejects empiricism mind you, recourses to the EMPIRICAL findings of physics! Wavelengths of light can be represented numerically Novic insists. True. But how does she account for the quantification of those wavelengths? These things were verified experimentally, using induction. Thus they should be rejected by Hyperianism, a system which, again, rejects empiricism, and thus experiment, as a method of ascertaining knowledge.

Also, these aren't pure numbers. They are numbers attached to an arbitrary system of measurement. Without units of length, the numbers themselves are meaningless

Backed into a corner, Novic resorts to a tactic we see all too often these days, appeal to offence. By noting she seems intelligent I have "insulted" her somehow.

The takeaway from all this is just how useless Hyperianism actually is. It's proponents can't even verify a simple premise without completely throwing it out of the window!

No wonder Morgue is so grumpy.