Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Skeptic's Bootcast Episode 1: An Extended Examination of Morgue.

A very experimental first episode of what I've labelled the Skeptic's Bootcast can be found here! The episode contains an extended discussion of Morgue, much of the information found in the episode I've already featured in my blog post regarding this dubious chap.

So if the episode is very light on original content what's the point of putting it out there? Frankly, it's simply for the purpose of me playing around with the audio software and giving readers of this blog the opportunity to give me sorely needed feedback. So if you've got any comments or suggestions regarding the episodes let me know.

My plan is to continue to post new episodes here on the blog page with links to sources and images related to the episode.

When I look back at my earlier blog postings I'm pretty embarrassed by them, they are amateurish poorly written and I'm certain I'll feel the same about these early podcasts. The flip side of that is I'm pretty happy with the improvement in later posts. Again this is something I am certain will occur with the podcasts too.

Your feedback will quicken this process.