Saturday, 24 January 2015

Let's Play 20 (utterly inane) Questions.

Questions, questions questions. One thing that really gets me down about being a member of several paranormal groups is the multitude of inane questions asked in memes shared from site to site. I've never even been tempted to attempt to answer so much as one of them. Today I'll answer the first twenty from one particular page. Share my pain.

1. Ignoring your terrible grammar. No I would immediately request the concierge exchanged my room as this one is clearly double booked. I would then collect my belongings and wish her well with her beauty pageant. I may also suggest she moisturize.

2. Astro projection? Is that when you launch a futuristic dog in some way? No I do not believe in that, not at all, it sounds cruel. I think its impossible though, like the similarly named ASTRAL projection which is a load of bollocks frankly.

3. Yes. Or I would find the prefix "imaginary" to be quite dismissive. Play acting and the creation of an imaginary friend can be important to social development in a child. You should remind yourself of this the next time you consult a priest (or Rhys "teenage demon slayer/exorcist/actor" Bryne via skype) because Sally is having a tea party alone with cups for two. Don't punish your child for having more imagination than you do.

4. Dunno. Does it have Wi-Fi?

5. See my answer to 4.

6. Em no I'm not. For the same reason I'm not prepared to give birth to a yeti the next time I get a stomach cramp. Because A) I have no reason to believe either Yetis or demons exist. B) If even I did, I would still have no reason to believe that they are the causes of said complaints.

That said, thanks for spreading dangerous nonsense. Severe dizziness when standing can be a result of a variety of medical complaints, some serious. By inciting people to seek demonologists instead of doctors, you're encouraging them to gamble with their health based upon....nothing.

So I guess my final answer is: Fuck You!

7. No, I had a mouse once. It died when a bookcase fell on it. True story.

8. A KEY. Do you get it? An item you can enter with. I wish they were all like this.

Seriously though, there were 72 responses to this on the site I pulled it from. 72!

Not even halfway though yet. Going to try and speed this up.

9. No. See mouse.

10.Yes. Can I take a book? Not a deal breaker....

                      11. Frankly, shit my pants.

   12. No. Even if by "other side" you mean the           wall behind the mirror. That would be a door that does that.

13. I didn't know that! I'd love to meet these "experts" though... or read their peer reviewed papers... or even see some of their research... but they don't actually exist do they.

14. *sigh* see 11. Frankly I feel like that after 14 of these questions. I would not be surprised to see that in the mirror right now.

15. In all honesty, the first word I saw was "NORMAL". The irony that I saw "NORMAL" where others were seeing "PARANORMAL" was not lost on me.

16. See 11 & 14.

17. I'd be the non-existent kind. Also I don't see bum or nose ghosts on that list. Outrageous!

18. Then it doesn't matter does it. We are all on a level footing. Plus I just ate a scotch egg, now I'm not an "expert" but I'm pretty sure ghosts don't eat scotch eggs or any other form of egg-based savory snacks.

19. I literally have no idea. I've never turned around to see one duck behind a tree, or attempt to act casually, so I'm going to say no.

And finally....

20. No.No I can't.

A quick note to everyone who has shown support over the past few days.

As you can probably guess, the last post was not my final one. I'm sure that a few people are going to be a little disappointed that I wrote that post and didn't actually quit. In fact I've done a complete u-turn in a relatively short space of time. I now fully intend to carry on under my real name.

The reason for this u-turn is pretty simple, in science and skepticism we are always told, you adjust your position on the basis of new evidence. I was completely taken a back by how many people seemed to care whether this blog continued or not. Put into perspective, the internet didn't come to a complete shut down, there wasn't panic on the streets, but a few people, many who I respect greatly mentioned this. Seemed saddened even.

One thing I could say is that I did state that post was the last time I would write as "skeptic's boot",technically that's true.

And I had to question.... Is this really worth walking away? I'm not an overly sensitive person, And I'm not prone to making spur of the moment decisions, but I can't admit when I've made a mistake.

Apologies. And most of all thanks.

And if anyone slags me off for flip-flopping in the comments, I quit again.

Just kidding.