Saturday, 31 January 2015

Proposed Tarot Card Test.

Just a quickie guys:

OK, anyone up for a tarot card test? I've got a psychic, Barry Edwards, who wants his ability to read tarot cards to be tested. Here is what I've proposed to him:

"Here's what I think: You take two photos of your tarot cards. Face down & face up. I share the face down photo only with ten volunteers, they select three cards. You produce a reading for each person, I pass all ten readings back to all ten sitters and ask them to chose the reading that best suits them."

Obviously I need some volunteers, of these all will pick three cards, I will then select ten at random to be sitters by assigning each a number and by using a random number generator to select from these. The volunteers will not know if they have been selected to be a sitter in order to prevent collusion. All volunteers will receive the readings, but obviously the responses of non-sitters will be discarded.

No personal details will be shared with Barry or anyone else.

If this all sounds appealing and you want to take part please PM me on this page. Don't post a public message.

Please feel free to share this amongst various facebook or paranormal groups you maybe members of. To make this robust I need as many volunteers as possible.

Thanks guys. I hope you'll be hearing a lot more of this one!

Here's a picture so this post isn't totally boring: